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Fire Protection and Building Codes Specialists

Since 1992, Lovett Consultants  (LCI) has provided specialized expertise and experience in fire protection, life safety and building codes. Our services are aimed to assist architects, engineers, owners, building managers, contractors, and governmental agencies in the evaluation, design, renovation, construction and maintenance of buildings and their life safety systems.

LCI consulting services include fire protection programs, basis of design, fire hazard analysis, fire safety evaluation, customized project code summaries, code equivalency analysis, exit systems analysis and timed egress evacuation.

LCI engineering services include fire suppression systems design (wet, clean agent, foam), fire alarm systems design, mass notification systems, alternate materials and methods, engineering judgements, special inspections, system commissioning, fire and life safety building evaluation reports and computer fire modeling.

Lovett Consultants can also assist you with your handicap accessibility issues. Accessibility for new construction or evaluation of the existing facilities or areas is a specialty.  Let Lovett Consultants identify your major accessibility issues and possible alternatives.

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