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Building Codes:
Lovett Consultants (LCI) provides a full range of building code consulting and review services for Architects, Engineers, and Owners. LCI's staff has extensive experience as a Building Official. LCI's staff holds ICC Certified Building Official (CBO) credentials, NFPA Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS), and ICBO Building Inspectors certificate. LCI has active memberships in the International Code Council (ICC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Society of Fire Protection  
Engineers (SFPE).

Fire Protection:
Lovett Consultants (LCI) provides a full range of fire protection engineering services. LCI has active membership in the Society of Fire Protection Engineers, and the National Fire Protection Association. In addition, LCI staff holds ICBO credentials for Fire Protection Inspection and Fire Protection Review. Lovett Consultants' staff meets the governmental requirements for fire protection engineers.

Handicap Access:
Handicap accessibility codes and now civil rights laws mandate accessibility requirements. State and local codes, ordinances and civil rights laws, all affect the accessibility of new and existing structures. Compliance with the state/local handicap codes does not insure compliance with the civil rights laws.
Lovett Consultants can assist you with your handicap accessibility issues. Accessibility for new construction or evaluation of the existing facilities or areas.

Safety Regulations:
You can't deal with building codes and fire protection without dealing with various safety issues. In fact many of the Occupational Safety and Health Administrative (OSHA) regulations mimic the building code safety requirements.
Lovett Consultants can help with your safety concerns; designs for new construction or evaluation of the existing environment.

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