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Governmental Project Profiles

Lovett Consultants has worked on numerous U.S. government projects for agencies and departments including the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of the Navy, Department of the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, General Services Administration, Department of Energy, and the Department of the Air Force.

Our state and local government projects include as schools, universities, courthouses, convention centers, waste treatment plants, and detention facilities.  Below are some examples.

P-141 EMS Fire Station - Camp Lejeune, Cherry Point, NC  

  • The new fire station is a fully sprinklered single story 16,400 ± sq. ft. building of Type IIB construction that will house the equipment and personnel required for firefighting operations.  
  • The facility has three use groups, Residential (R-2), Low Hazard Storage (S-1) and Business (B), which creates a mixed occupancy.  
  • The fire station was designed under the 2009 Life Safety Code, 2009 International Building Code and relevant DoD Unified Facilities Criteria.
  • Lovett Consultants provided the fire alarm, mass notification and fire suppression review, code summary, and fire protection design narrative in addition to general code consulting for the project.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Dalton Tower and Atkins Libraries - Charlotte, NC

  • This was a major safety upgrade to the existing Dalton Tower, Atkins and Atkins Annex. all library use
  • 129,000 sq. ft. - 9 story Tower, 3 story Atkins, 4 story Atkins Annex
  • Mixed Occupancy, Business, Storage and Assembly
  • SBCCI Standard Building Code, IRI Guidelines, Type I Construction
  • The design called for a diesel powered fire pump, jockey pump, wet pipe system to protect the facility throughout including book rack storage and reading rooms. The design called for monitoring all fire protection equipment via the fire alarm system. The design called for sprinklers in unheated areas.
  • Lovett Consultants provided fire suppression system layout, hydraulic calculations and suppression specifications.

Buncombe County Courthouse - Asheville, NC 

  • The Buncombe County Courthouse is a 17 story high rise built in 1928.  The existing  building needed to be upfitted with  a sprinkler system as well as to an 8 story addition in order to meet current life safety requirements.

  • Lovett Consultants pllc designed the wet pipe sprinkler system with standpipes and a booster pump, performed hydraulic calculations and reviewed the shop drawings.

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