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Handicap Access

Handicap accessibility codes and now civil rights laws mandate accessibility requirements. State and local codes, ordinances and civil rights laws, all affect the accessibility of new and existing structures. Compliance with the state/local handicap codes does not insure compliance with the civil rights laws.

The codes are now requiring accessible exits for handicap use requiring areas of refuge, accessible exits, stairs, and elevators. All these exit types deal with the accessibility and safety of a building and directly impacts the building's design and safety features.

Lovett Consultants can assist you with your handicap accessibility issues. Accessibility for new construction or evaluation of the existing facilities or areas. Let Lovett Consultants identify your major accessibility issues and possible alternatives. Contact us to discuss your specific handicap accessibility needs.

The following are a few links to web sites that have a wealth of information dealing specifically with handicap accessibility.

  Building Codes
  Fire Protection
  Handicap Access
  Safety Regulations

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