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Lovett Consultants has also worked on numerous office and high rise projects including office buildings, university buildings and much more.  Below are examples of some of our projects.

Innovation Park
Charlotte, NC
  • This facility was originally built for IBM Corporation in phases between 1979 and 1984. The original facility consisted of 12 connected buildings/areas ranging from one to five stories in height with a total gross area of approximately 1.9 million sq. ft., and three freestanding outbuildings. 
  • The complex was originally designed as a single tenant mixed use facility comprised of Storage (S-1), Factory (F-1), Assembly (A), Offices (B) and accessory uses. 
  • As an existing facility, Innovation Park is under the provisions of the 2009 North Carolina Rehabilitation Code. In order to bring the facility up to current code standards and accommodate multiple tenants, LCI developed an Alternative Materials and Methods (AMM) which was approved by Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement.
  • The construction type varies by building/area from unprotected non-combustible construction (IIB) to fire rated non-combustible construction (IB).
  • Lovett Consultants, in addition to the  Alternative Materials and Methods Document, provided detailed egress analysis, sprinkler designs, special inspections for the firestop installation and smoke control systems, fire alarm reviews and general code consulting for the project.

Virginia Commonwealth University
West Hospital (Office) Building - Richmond, VA

  • This was a point score evaluation of the existing facility under Chapter 34 of the BOCA Code "Compliance Alternatives" to justify a major remodel project on the ground floor.
  • 308,000 sq. ft. - 19 stories
  • Mixed Occupancy, Business / Offices, Detention (Holding cells)and storage
  • BOCA National Building Code, Type IB Construction
  • The West Hospital Building is a 1940 vintage building, originally used as a training hospital. The facility is currently used as offices with a small detention area. The fully sprinklered facility has two stairs up to the 16th floor with a single stair up to the 19th floor.
  • Lovett Consultants provided a detailed evaluation of the facility, and provided a corresponding report indicating negative features and possible corrective actions to obtain a positive/ passing safety score. The work involved a formal presentation to the AHJ of our findings and corrective actions proposed.

GM Truck Division 800 Program
Pontiac MI, Fort Wayne IN, Janesville WS

  • These projects consisted of additions and renovations to the existing production facilities.
  • 500,000 sq. ft. moderate hazard factory additions and 91,000 sq. ft. storage addition - 1 story
  • Mixed Occupancy, Moderate hazard factory and storage facilities
  • Wisconsin Adm. Code, Indiana Building Code, and the Michigan Building Code, Type No. 6, II-N and 2C Constructions
  • The additions were not separated from the existing facilities with a fire wall. The additions were fully sprinklered while the existing facility was only partially sprinklered.
  • Lovett Consultants provided code analysis, exit calculations, plan review and general code and fire protection consulting.

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