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Lovett Consultants has experience with all types of facilities and their associated hazards. Each facility has its own occupancy signature with unique challenges to provide a safe environment. We strive to provide quality service and expertise at a reasonable rate.

Lovett Consultants functions as a project team member, coordinating fire protection and code issues across several disciplines, including architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical. Lovett Consultants works to meet its' clients needs. We utilize a realistic common sense approach to application of the codes and standards to provide a safe and economical project. Lovett Consultants does not stop at the written texts of the codes and standards but looks beyond to the original intent, and leading edge technology to identify acceptable alternative solutions.

Lovett Consultants' staff holds full memberships in the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE), and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Lovett Consultants is classified as a small business entity, based on gross income. Lovett consultants has worked on project locations from Mexico to Michigan, Nevada to Italy.

Lovett Consultants has completed projects in almost every sector of the building industry.  These projects include: Offices, High Rises, Colleges, Laboratories, Health Care, Historical, Libraries, Museums, Convention Centers, Arenas, Storage,  Aircraft Hangers, Garages, Special Hazards, Courthouses, Governmental and System Designs.

Some examples of our more notable projects can be viewed by using the menu on the right. Please contact us about your project soon.

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  Health Care
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  Places Of Assembly
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Special Hazards

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